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Jump: UP or SPACE
Action/Use: CTRL/Mouse is [Action]
Player Select: 1-6 (don't use until you've tried reaching the rocket first :-] )


Meoples are stranded on a set of floating islands and they are trying to figure out "What do we do next?". The of the game goal is to help them figure out how to find and access an item or vehicle that will help them figure out how to get off the islands. At the beginning you are playing as one Meople, but as the game progresses you must help them discover and use objects to progress further as well as find their friends along the way.



Level Design & Level Art: Tom Gates
Sound Design & Character/Story Development: Nick Dey
Character Art & Story Development: Angel Dey
Lead Programmer & Level design: Steve Tranby
Secondary Programmer & Character/Story Development: Jason Cuthbert
Level & Concept Design: Jimmy Long

To understand how we made this game you must first understand that the three contributing factors to our success: Caffeine, white boards, and pizza. Without these three key concepts we would not have the game we have now. And that's about it from me…